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The Cantrell Law Firm provides a broad array of commercial and residential real estate legal services. Our level of expertise and knowledge in the real estate arena, specifically in East Tennessee, is unmatched. We provide a full range of real estate services, including the following: deed transfers, title examinations, drafting of purchase and sale agreements, drafting of easements and rights-of-way, drafting of lease agreements, as well as any and all civil litigation related to boundary disputes, title deficiencies, purchases of homes, etc.

D‍eed Transfers

Transferring title to real estate is not as simple as it sounds. One small mistake can have long-term consequences for all parties involved. The Cantrell Law Firm can help assure your transaction is conducted with the proper conveyance documents in a quick and timely manner.

"When my father passed away I was tasked with settling his estate. I had no idea how to handle this! I called Emily Horton and she handled everything for me! What I thought would be a long process, Emily took care of it in a matter of weeks! Professional and caring legal expert!"

Carmen D. // ★★★★★

Title Examinations

The purchase of a house or development lot is one of the most exciting and important decisions in a person's life. As such, the significance of securing an examination of title to the property in question cannot be understated. A title examination provides assurance to all parties that the seller has good and marketable title, free of any encumbrances or title defects. Our attorneys understand the importance of performing quick and accurate title examinations in order to expedite the closing process. With that said, please call our attorneys prior to purchasing real estate, so they can accurately advise you of any potential title defects that may be in existence.

Purchase and Sale Agreements
The risk of financial loss is significant for buyers and sellers involved in a real estate transaction. A poorly drafted purchase and sale agreement can only increase this risk. One of the best ways to guard against the associated risks is a properly drafted purchase and sale agreement. In fact, if the buyer is financing the purchase, his or her bank will likely require a purchase and sale agreement prior to starting the loan process. Shortcuts like using a boilerplate contract found online can be dangerous, as these contracts typically are not state or transaction specific, and do not sufficiently summarize the basic understanding between the parties. As such, if you are looking to buy or sell real estate, please contact our attorneys first before entering into any agreement related to the transaction.

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