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The state of Tennessee imposes stiff penalties for drunk driving, even on a first offense. Many drivers who are arrested on suspicion of DUI simply surrender. They do not think that they can fight the charges or they do not fully understand the impact of a conviction.

Tennessee DUI laws have recently changed. Let us guide you through this new process.

At The Cantrell Law Firm, our Clinton DUI lawyers know that a DUI has both immediate penalties and long-term consequences. We have successfully challenged drunk driving allegations to spare clients from jail, license suspension, a criminal record and more. Our law firm provides criminal defense services in Clinton, Oak Ridge, Knoxville, and throughout East Tennessee.

First-time DUI? Repeat offense? Underage drinking and driving? Call 865-457-9100 now to schedule a free consultation for frank legal counsel and vigorous representation.

"This law firm is highly educated and has a reputation for honesty and putting the client first. The staff is friendly and caring and the attorneys genuinely care about their clients. I would not go anywhere else."

Jenny H. // ★★★★★

Clinton Criminal Defense Lawyers Handling DUI Cases

Tennessee DUI law is far-reaching. You can be charged with operating under the influence even if your car is parked. You can also be charged with DUI for driving while impaired by prescription medications. Refusing to take the Breathalyzer test results in automatic loss of license under the implied consent statute.

A first offense of driving under the influence is a misdemeanor crime punishable by a one-year license suspension. The court can also impose jail time, fines, probation and other penalties, which are enhanced if you have previous DUI/DWI convictions. The criminal record and elevated insurance rates will haunt you for years to come.

Do not be tempted to plead guilty simply because you "failed" the field sobriety tests or the Breathalyzer. Did police have reasonable suspicion to pull you over and probable cause to proceed with the arrest? Are there other explanations (physical impairments, adverse weather, the glare of headlights, etc.)? Did the officer follow standard procedures? Was there squad car video of the traffic stop?

Depending on the charges, prior offenses and the facts of your case, we are prepared to go to trial or negotiate a favorable outcome. In Anderson County, we can often work out a deal in general sessions court without further criminal proceedings. Knox County has a separate DUI court and we can protect your interests in that forum as well.

Exercise Your Rights
If you are pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, you should not admit anything or volunteer information. You should talk to a Clinton DUI lawyer at the earliest opportunity.

The Cantrell Law Firm provides a free, confidential consultation. We are located in Clinton, Tennessee. You can call us day or night at 865-457-9100, or contact us online.

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