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Custody and Child Support


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When parents go their separate ways, it takes a toll on the children. What is the right balance of custody and visitation? How will this affect your relationship with your child?

At The Cantrell Law Firm, our child custody lawyers take a problem-solving approach to the sensitive nature of child custody and support. We strive for practical and fair solutions that preserve parent-child bonds and foster cooperation between parents. We can walk you through the parenting plan to ensure you understand all your options and rights. We meticulously review tax documents and information to make certain your child support forms are accurate and fair.

Of course, we realize that sometimes there is no middle ground or amicable agreement. Our attorneys Identify and strategize which of the the factors to best present to the judge if your custody or support dispute ends up in court.

Fighting for custody or parenting time? Seeking child support? Call (865) 457-9100 now to set up a free, confidential consultation.

"This law firm is highly educated and has a reputation for honesty and putting the client first. The staff is friendly and caring and the attorneys genuinely care about their clients. I would not go anywhere else."

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Attorneys for Families in Child Custody and Visitation Cases

Getting divorced means redefining your family, in the legal sense and in the day-to-day realities. We represent mothers or fathers in resolving custody issues, through negotiated parenting agreements or contested family court proceedings.

Our Clinton custody attorneys handle all scenarios:

• Petitions for sole custody or primary custody
• Maximizing visitation for the non-primary parent
• Shared custody (50-50 parenting time)
• Parenting schedules and parenting plans
• Legal custody disputes (education, health care, religion, etc.)
• Modifications of child custody orders
• Parent relocation (to Tennessee or out of Tennessee)
• Interference with visitation rights
• Paternity and legitimation

• Adjustments of child support
• Practical Solutions & Aggressive Representation in Family Law

Our attorneys have extensive experience with Tennessee child custody issues. We offer the perspective and creative ideas to work out an amicable and workable co-parenting arrangement. We offer the strategies and skills to protect your child and your parental rights in court.

Fair Determination of Tennessee Child Support

Child support in Tennessee is based on a state formula. Although there is no room for negotiation, the amount of child support can be affected by statutory deviations or incorrect financial information.

The role of a Clinton child support attorney in these cases is to verify incomes, credits, and other factors to ensure fairness under the laws of Tennessee. The family law and divorce attorneys of The Cantrell Law Firm handle an initial determination of child support as well as modifications and enforcement.

Lawyers Handling Child Support & Modifications

Under the Tennessee child support guidelines, the base amount is calculated on the incomes of both parents, the number of children and the number of days of visitation. The formula then applies credits for work-related child care, for other children in the household, and other limited factors.

The child support formula is what it is. The experience of our Clinton child support attorneys comes into play in the following scenarios:

• Accurate information — A parent who is self-employed or paid in cash may not fully disclose income. A parent whose income fluctuates may need special consideration. We can trace actual income through subpoena or forensic experts if necessary.

• Employment — The court can impute income for a parent who is intentionally unemployed or underemployed to avoid or minimize child support. The court can also make temporary allowances for employment hardships.

• Parenting time — We help non-custodial parents maximize their visitation, which may reduce the level of child support.

• Modification of child support — Upon a substantial change in circumstances (a better job, a layoff, a change in custody, remarriage), the court can modify child support up or down. We make sure that the court has all the facts to make the right decision.

• Enforcement — We can file contempt of court charges if the other parent is not paying court-ordered support, and pursue remedies such as garnishment of wages.

The Cantrell Law Firm handles family law in Anderson County, Campbell County, Knox County, and nearby counties of East Tennessee. For a free initial consultation with our Clinton child custody lawyers, call 865-457-9100, or contact us online.

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