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Child Abuse


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Do you suspect that your son or daughter may be a victim of child sexual abuse and has been sexually abused by someone in a position of authority? Are you an adult survivor of sexual abuse? It is critical to take legal action to preserve your rights. Contact us today to render justice for your case.

Pedophiles often gravitate to occupations that give them unquestioned access to children. There have been countless sexual abuse lawsuits against school teachers and clergy members over the years. More recent allegations have centered on sports coaches, from Penn State's Jerry Sandusky to AAU president Bobby Dodd, the former director of a Memphis YMCA.

Bring abusers to justice with The Cantrell Law Firm. Dail Cantrell has handled sexual assault and molestation cases and will fight for your family's rights. Call today for a free consultation!

"This law firm is highly educated and has a reputation for honesty and putting the client first. The staff is friendly and caring and the attorneys genuinely care about their clients. I would not go anywhere else."

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‍East Tennessee Attorneys for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

High-profile allegations of sexual molestation often dredge up painful memories for those who have silently endured their own sexual abuse. We anticipate that there may be dozens of cases filed right here in East Tennessee in the coming months as these repressed horrors bubble to the surface.

We invite you to tell us your story and explore your possible legal remedies. You may have a lawsuit against the abuser as well as the employer or organization if you or your child suffered sexual abuse by an adult who took advantage of his or her position:

• Youth athletics coach
• Youth mentor or rec center worker
• Teacher, tutor or school employee
• Priest, pastor or youth director
• Doctor, dentist or therapist
• Relative or family friend

Sexual abuse of children can leave lasting scars on the victims. Even when the abuse occurred years ago, the adult survivors of child sexual abuse may be entitled to seek compensation from the abuser as well as those who allowed the abuse to happen.

The Statute of Limitations for Sexual Abuse Lawsuits
While pedophiles can be criminally prosecuted for sex crimes committed years ago, the victims have a much shorter window for civil justice. Under current Tennessee law, a person who was abused before the age of 18 must file a civil lawsuit before his or her 19th birthday. This is extremely unfair to victims who remained silent out of shame or fear and have only begun to remember and cope with the abuse. There are pending cases before the courts that may extend the statute of limitations for adult survivors who were molested or sexually assaulted in their youth.

School Bullying Laws in Tennessee
When a child is bullied at school, it can leave lasting physical and emotional injuries. In Tennessee, parents now have a way to hold school districts accountable if their child is injured at school as a result of bullying or other causes. Under a recent Tennessee Supreme Court decision, school districts are 100 percent liable for physical or emotional injuries that occur as a result of bullying, fights, falls and other causes that arise from negligence on the school's part.

The ruling stems from a case in which a child who suffered from Asperger syndrome was injured by another student after the teacher left the classroom. The child was struck in the eye by a textbook, causing him to go blind in that eye. The court ruled that the incident was foreseeable because the child's mother and grandmother had complained to the school district about bullying more than 90 times.

When a school is aware of bullying incidents and does not take steps to protect students, they may be 100 percent liable for a child's physical and emotional damages.

Experienced and Aggressive Representation
The Cantrell Law Firm is here to help. We will listen and give you honest answers. We will act swiftly to investigate allegations and preserve your rights. We will treat you with care and respect. If you have grounds to sue, we will aggressively pursue monetary damages for all the ways that the abuse has adversely impacted your life.

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