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Crimes Against People


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Some of the most severe criminal penalties are reserved for crimes committed against people. These crimes often include assault, kidnapping, robbery, and other violent crimes. They also can involve nonviolent crimes such as an invasion of privacy. This is a broad area with in criminal law that requires an attorney who can handle any type of criminal charge you may be facing.

Protecting Your Rights
At The Cantrell Law Firm , our experienced Clinton criminal defense attorneys understand what is at stake here. Not only are you facing potential criminal penalties such as jail time, fines and probation, but the negative social stigma of being charged with a crime. Your future is in jeopardy. We do everything we can to vigorously defend your case. This may include negotiating a plea deal, getting charges dropped in General Sessions Court without further criminal proceedings or aggressively representing you at trial.

No matter what your situation, the one thing you can count on during this difficult time is skilled criminal defense at The Cantrell Law Firm. We offer free, confidential consultations. Contact us immediately at 865-457-9100.

"This law firm is highly educated and has a reputation for honesty and putting the client first. The staff is friendly and caring and the attorneys genuinely care about their clients. I would not go anywhere else."

Jenny H. // ★★★★★

‍Assault — Robbery — Kidnapping — Invasion of Privacy

The Cantrell Law Firm handles a variety of charges related to crimes against people. From minor misdemeanors to major felony charges, he will aggressively and effectively defend you.

Crimes against people often include:

• Assault
• Aggravated assault

• Kidnapping and false imprisonment
• Robbery
• Weapons charges
• Invasion of privacy
• Domestic violence

Even if you have not yet been formally charged, it is still in your best interest to obtain a lawyer. Remember, just being accused of a crime can seriously impact your reputation and future career opportunities. Start damage control now.

Don't Wait to Obtain Skilled Criminal Defense Representation

We can't stress enough the importance of seeking out criminal defense representation as soon as possible. In many cases, early intervention can lead to getting charges dismissed altogether. That is why you should talk to a lawyer at the earliest opportunity.

The Cantrell Law Firm provides a free, confidential consultation. We are located in Clinton, Tennessee. You can call at 865-457-9100, or contact us online.

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