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Cerebral Palsy · Nerve Damage · Infant Death

Every parent hopes for a healthy baby and dreams of a bright future for his or her child. When something goes wrong during pregnancy or childbirth, or after delivery, it can be devastating for both the child and the parents.

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Do you suspect that your baby's birth defects were caused by medical negligence? At The Cantrell Law Firm, you have an accomplished and compassionate legal team committed to justice. Our Clinton birth injury attorneys have the resources and the experience to hold physicians and hospitals accountable for birth injuries.

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Medical Malpractice: Birth Injury & Neonatal Death

Childbirth is fraught with dangers. Not every unhappy outcome — even a disability or a death — constitutes medical malpractice. However, OB-GYN physicians and obstetric nurses are specifically trained to minimize the risks, recognize the warning signs and take urgent action when complications arise. When bad decisions, bad technique or deviation from accepted protocols results in harm to the baby, it may indeed be malpractice.

Birth injuries commonly attributed to medical negligence include:

  • Cerebral palsy — impaired motor function and/or cognitive problems
  • Erb's palsy or Klumpke's palsy — paralysis or lost function in the hands and arms
  • Brain damage — severe cognitive impairment or sensory damage
  • Nerve damage in the limbs or face
  • Pulmonary problems
  • Complications of jaundice
  • Stillbirth or neonatal death

Birth injuries may be traced to physical trauma caused by the OB-GYN physician during delivery, such as forceps injury or shoulder dystocia occurring when the baby is stuck in the birth canal. The injuries may result from failure to recognize fetal distress or failure to perform a timely C-section, resulting in brain damage from oxygen deprivation. We will examine the medical records and arrange to have your case reviewed and certified by a qualified OB-GYN specialist who can testify how the standard of care was breached.

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Clinton medical malpractice Attorney Dail Cantrell has tried (and won) more than 200 personal injury cases. If we go forward with a medical negligence lawsuit, The Cantrell Law Firm has the resources to hire the necessary experts and the commitment to take your case all the way to a jury if necessary.

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