Trucking Accidents in Clinton

Sophisticated Investigation for Trucking Accidents in Tennessee

Auto collisions involving tractor-trailers or other big trucks demand prompt and aggressive handling. The injuries are usually severe and the crash scene is chaotic. There are numerous legal issues to address and the trucking company will act quickly to minimize its liability.

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Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Truck accidents commonly result in major injuries or wrongful death, perhaps involving multiple vehicles or several victims. The trucking firms typically send their own investigators to the site to determine what happened and gauge the potential legal exposure.

Our truck accident attorney in Clinton handles the following kinds of trucking accidents:

  • truckFailure to Maintain: Many people tend to avoid driving near trucks because of the various hazards they present, as their sheer size makes them formidable on the road. If not properly maintained, trucks can be incredibly dangerous. Truck drivers are required to perform checks of brakes, tire tread, brakes and suspension, fluid levels, and lights and lights before they take to the road.
  • icon of personNegligent Hiring: Because commercial trucks pose dangers on our public roads and highways, the trucking industry is heavily regulated. Among these regulations are rules for the qualifications truckers must meet in order to be employed. Additionally, trucking companies need to exercise reasonable care when hiring truckers who won’t endanger the public. Examples of negligent hiring include: inadequate background checks & drug testing and neglecting health certifications.
  • sirenJackknife Accidents: Jackknife accidents can result from a variety of factors, including negligence of truckers and trucking companies that fail to adequately maintain vehicles or properly employ and train safe operators.
  • person lying in bed Driver Fatigue: If the truck driver did not take required rest breaks, he or she may be responsible for your damages.
  • front view of carTire Blowout: Due to the sheer size and weight of big-rig truck, it is essential their tires are properly inflated, maintained, and replaced on a regular basis. A worn, under-inflated, or deflective truck tire can lead to a tire blowout, which will likely occur while the truck is on the road--causing accident or injury to a number of people.
  • checklist Trucking Regulations:
    • Truck GPS records may be able to tell us how fast the truck was driving and what he or she did in the moments before the crash.
    • Overweight trucks are harder to maneuver and take longer to stop than properly loaded vehicles.
    • Truck drivers are professional drivers, yet they still text and drive and should be held liable when they do.

Trucking Accidents in Tennessee

Injured in a trucking accident? The Cantrell Law Firm can help you seek compensation for your injuries. Our firm has a national reputation for trucking accidents and we are dedicated to helping you pursue justice for you trucking accident claim.

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