New Rule Does Not Require Road Training for New Truckers

Sharing the road with tractor-trailers is an everyday occurrence for many people in Tennessee. The large size of these trucks may seem scary to you but their drivers are required to possess a special license that allows them to operate those huge vehicles. At Cantrell, Goodge & Associates, we know that accidents involving large trucks can be serious and have lasting consequences.

In addition to truck drivers requiring a commercial driver’s license from their home state, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also governs the rules that entry-level truckers must follow. When new rules were introduced last year, the proposal included a requirement that new drivers obtain a minimum of 30 hours of on the road training experience, reports However, when the final rule was issued, that requirement was not included and some safety advocates are calling foul.

When people apply for a regular driver’s license, they are often required to complete a certain amount of time behind the wheel to ensure that they are prepared to handle driving a car. Some private truck driving schools and states do also require this type of on the road training. But some companies think that receiving a high score on a written examination is enough. Implementing a real-world training requirement would be cost-prohibitive, they argue, and it appears that the FMCSA agrees. A petition has been filed by a group of industry representatives requesting that the FMCSA amend the rule to include this requirement and to stay the effective date of the new rule while it reconsiders.

If you or someone you know was the victim of an accident caused by an unsafe trucker, then you know how severe injuries from these types of crashes can be. For more information on collisions with tractor-trailers, please visit our web page.


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