Automatic Braking Systems Aim to Prevent Rear-End Collisions

Getting hit from behind can be a nerve racking experience for many Tennessee drivers. Rear-end collisions may not always do a lot of damage to your car, but they can result in serious injury to both drivers and passengers. At Cantrell, Goodge & Associates, we know that staying safe on road is important to you and that accident injuries can have a huge impact on your life.

Since many accidents of this nature are caused by human error, some car companies are looking to take that factor out of the equation. Many newer vehicles are coming equipped with automatic braking systems and, according to the Verge, those systems have been shown to reduce rates of rear-end collisions.

There are two types of these systems currently being sold. One type issues the driver a warning when a rear-end collision is about to occur. While this may not give the person enough time to stop completely, it would likely cause him or her to brake and therefore lessen the impact should a crash happen. The other kind actually brakes the car for the driver when it senses an oncoming crash. Implementation of both of these technologies together in cars has been shown to reduce the number of crashes as well as the number of crash injuries.

However, it may be some time before features like this become standard on all cars. In the meantime, many people you share the road with are still driving older cars that do not have automatic braking systems and the risk for a rear-end collision remains high. For more information on accidents caused by a driver hitting you from behind, please visit our web page.


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