Seniors May be More at Risk for DUI than They Realize

Getting behind the wheel in Anderson after consuming too much alcohol is widely recognized as a bad idea. However, for many senior citizens, the idea of what is too much may change as they get older. Unfortunately, some people may not be aware of that fact and inadvertently put themselves and others in danger by thinking that they can still consume the same amount of alcohol as they did when they were younger and still be safe to drive.

One reason for this is that older bodies cannot process alcohol the same what that younger people can. According to CNN, older people have less water in their bodies and therefore are not able to metabolize adult beverages as quickly as younger people. This means that even if they consume the same number of drinks as they routinely did earlier in life, their blood alcohol content will now actually be higher.

In addition, many seniors are also on various types of medications, many of which can cause dangerous interactions when combined with alcohol. Life Safer also points out that older people naturally suffer from worsening vision and delayed reaction times. Drinking only serves to exacerbate those conditions.

While these dangers may seem obvious to some, others may not realize the truth until it is too late. It may seem like a difficult topic to bring up. However, it is important for family members to effectively communicate the dangers of drinking to senior citizens if they sense that it could be a problem.


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