While people who drive cars are relatively protected inside their vehicles, Tennessee motorcycle riders must rely on their gear to help keep them safe in the event they are involved in a crash. Gloves, boots and helmets are just some of the equipment bikers need to keep their bodies protected in case of an impact.

BMW has unveiled a concept motorcycle that features numerous points of technology to make riding much safer in the future; so safe, in fact, that helmets and other forms of protective gear will become obsolete, claims the manufacturer. One feature of the bike is a riding suit and data glasses that keep the rider and motorcycle connected, providing a fully integrated experience. For instance, the suit would be capable of inflating to provide added protection to vulnerable areas of the body when the rider is traveling at high speeds. In addition, the suit could signal the driver when to make turns and make the rider more comfortable by sensing his or her response to the climate.

However, the real safety improvements come from the design of the motorcycle itself. The bike will be equipped with electronic assistance systems, one of which will work to keep the motorcycle upright at all times. If the bike cannot tip over, its rider is much safer and much less likely to incur injuries. Additionally, the frame is all one piece, and its triangle shape provides protection from the elements. BMW anticipates motorcycles such as this being produced in approximately 30 years.

Even with the best of today’s protective gear, people who are involved in motorcycle accidents may face serious and life-altering injuries. Riders who have been injured may wish to contact an experienced attorney.


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