Fall brings many changes in Tennessee, including the weather and road conditions. Fall is also harvest time for many crops and drivers in rural areas may find themselves having to share the road with farm equipment such as tractors and combines.

It can certainly be frustrating to be stuck behind a large, slow vehicle. According to the Tennessee Commercial Driver’s License Manual, slow moving vehicles such as farm equipment will have a symbol shaped like an orange triangle on display so that they are easily recognizable. Such vehicles usually make wide turns and likely do not have any turn signals to alert other drivers about their intentions. Therefore, it is would be wise to exercise patience and caution around them and to leave them plenty of room to maneuver.

If a driver does decide to pass a slow moving vehicle, he or she should be careful and make sure to obey the rules of the road, cautions Farm Bureau Financial Services. That means driving at a safe speed, only passing where it is permitted and only when it is clear to do so.

In addition, because farm equipment is often wide and not able to easily make turns, a driver may be pulling over in preparation for making a turn and not to give drivers behind room to pass. Finally, due to the lack of turn signals on most farm equipment, motorists should be alert to the driver of the equipment and watch for any hand signals that may indicate what the driver intends to do.


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