When you go for a ride on your motorcycle in the very near future, you may be sharing Tennessee roads with self-driving cars. Many cars currently already come with technology that assists drivers and fully autonomous cars are likely not far behind. The number of traffic deaths in the country have increasing in recent years as more cars take to the road, so a lot of motivation exists to get self-driving cars on the road as soon as possible.

However, this raises some safety questions when it comes to how these cars will deal with motorcycles on the road. According to Bloomberg, self-driving cars may in fact make motorcycles riders safer than they have ever been before. Autonomous vehicles are expected to lead to less traffic congestion, which lead to less accidents.

Motorcycles themselves may also evolve with new technology. If motorcycles and cars can eventually communicate with each other, they will also know where other vehicles are on the road and collisions can be avoided.

In addition, many accidents that harm motorcyclists are caused by drivers who do not see them or who miscalculate how fast they are traveling. Self-driving cars take human error out of the equation and will likely come equipped with technology that will sense when motorcycles are present. This should vastly cut down on the number of accidents that cause injury or death to motorcycle riders.

Since, like many people in this country, you most likely ride your bike for enjoyment, sales of motorcycles may increase as technology advances and riding becomes safer. So, chances are, you may see even more bikes on the road in the future. This is provided as general information on this topic and is not intended to be legal advice.


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