Drivers over the age of 55 are plentiful on Tennessee roads. While many of them continue to be very safe drivers well into their 70’s and 80’s, others may not be as fortunate. A study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Safety found that one way to keep older drivers safe behind the wheel is to require them to renew their driver’s licenses in person.

Interestingly, two common concerns about older drivers are their ability to remember the rules of the road and the fact that people’s vision sometimes gets worse as they get older. However, the study found that neither of those was associated with reducing fatal crashes for drivers over the age of 55. However, in-person license renewal was shown to reduce deadly accidents for drivers 85 and older by 25 percent and for drivers 55 and older by 9 percent.

People under the age of 75 are statistically very safe drivers, reports the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. This is important since people over the age of 64 account for 30 million drivers across the country. However, once a person reaches the age of 75, their driving abilities may become hampered by physical limitations or medications that they are taking.

People who have older drivers in their lives and are concerned about their ability to be safe on the road may be unsure how to approach the topic with their loved ones. Experts recommend broaching the subject delicately and sincerely. Sometimes a medical evaluation may be necessary, while for others simply adjusting their driving habits may be enough.


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