Being a passenger while someone else is driving can be a scary enough prospect on its own. However, if you are then involved in an accident while riding in another Tennessee driver’s car, you may be left wondering what rights you have and how you may be compensated for your injuries. At Cantrell, Goodge & Associates, we understand that dealing with an auto accident can be overwhelming. However, you can rest assured that you do have options even if you were a passenger in the car and not the driver.

Your first priority after an accident should be getting the medical attention you need. Then, once the dust settles, you can work on pursuing compensation for the injuries you received.

The one bright side to being a passenger in an accident is that liability for the accident will be assigned to one of the drivers and not to you. According to Wallet Hub, there are multiple sources where compensation for your injuries may come from, including:

  • Your health insurance policy
  • The auto policy of the driver of the car you were in
  • The auto policy of another driver involved in the accident
  • Your own auto policy

It is extremely important that you attempt to get the insurance information of every party involved in the accident so that all of your bases are covered. These types of cases can be quite complex, especially since insurance companies are not always easy to deal with and may not have your best interest in mind. For more information on dealing with traffic collisions, please visit our web page.


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