If you are a motorcycle rider in Tennessee, staying safe on the road is likely a high priority for you. Knowing what dangers exist that pose a threat to your safety can help you remain better prepared to deal with potential hazards when they arise.

It may come as no surprise that the biggest threat to you comes from the other vehicles on the road. Motorcycles can be difficult for car drivers to see, especially if they are in the driver’s blind spot when he or she goes to change lanes. Intersections are also dangerous, particularly if a car making a left turn fails to see you and pulls out in front of you according to Cheat Sheet. Intersections may also place you in peril if you are stopped at a light and a car behind you fails to see you and cannot stop in time.

In addition, you should pay extra close attention to oncoming traffic as a motorcycle rider. Even distracted drivers may notice another car coming at them. However, if they are not paying attention to driving and are focused on something else such as their cellphone, it may be easy for a car driver not to see you on a motorcycle.

Another obstacle many motorcycle riders face is the weather. Winter weather elements such as ice and snow can make roads extremely dangerous for motorcycles, as can slick roads caused by rain. Finally, you should always remain vigilant and watch for any obstacles in your path. Objects in the road can cause a major crash if you hit them with your motorcycle and changes in the road surface can cause your tires to loose grip and send you flying.


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