Heavier trucks are more dangerous to you for a few different reasons. Truck drivers are required to follow certain regulations when their trucks are loaded with cargo. If the weight of the cargo exceeds federal restrictions or the cargo is not secured properly, the results can be deadly for you and other Tennessee drivers on the road.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, nearly one in 10 highway crash deaths involve a large truck. A truck's ability to brake often plays a large role in such crashes. A tractor-trailer with cargo takes 20 to 40 percent farther to stop than your car does, and this difference is even greater in bad weather conditions or in trucks with brakes that have not been maintained properly.

Carrying too much cargo also causes a truck to be top heavy and this jeopardizes its stability. In addition, if the cargo is too heavy it may shift while the truck is in motion, leaving you to contend with objects falling off of the truck on to the road or possibly even on to your vehicle. Excess cargo can also lead to blown out tires, faulty axles and other mechanical issues.

Heavy trucks make the road more dangerous for you in other ways too. Trucks hauling cargo that exceeds allowable weight limits are harder to steer and are more susceptible to rollovers and jackknifes. They are also hard on the roads, leading to poor infrastructure that endangers the lives of you and other drivers. Therefore, you should always use caution any time you share the road with large heavy trucks.


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