Now that spring is here, motorcycle enthusiasts across the country are rejoicing. This is the perfect time of year to enjoy the freedom of the open road on a motorcycle, when the weather is not too cold and not too hot. Tennessee motorcyclists are certainly entitled to enjoy a great ride, but they should also be aware of the unique dangers they can face while sharing the road with other vehicles.

Motorcycle riders are at an extreme disadvantage in an accident with larger cars and trucks. The freedom from restriction that motorcyclists love also means that in many ways, they are unprotected in a crash. Whereas the occupants of a car have seatbelts to keep them in place, riders have no such protections and are usually thrown from their bikes upon impact. The results can be catastrophic; according to, motorcyclists are seriously injured or killed in least 80 percent of motorcycle accidents.

The most common injuries that motorcyclists suffer in crashes include:

  • Head injuries, which are the top cause of permanent disability or fatal injuries
  • Broken bones, especially leg, wrist and arm fractures
  • Road rash, which can vary in severity from first to third-degree injuries – the latter requiring immediate medical attention

Protective gear can prevent some of these serious injuries, but are not a guarantee of safety. Motorcycle helmets are shown to reduce the chance of death by as much as 35 percent. Even so, not all states have helmet laws. The Governors Highway Safety Association states that all riders are required to wear helmets in Tennessee.

Motorcyclists can take precautions to reduce the risk of being injured in a crash, but in many cases, other drivers are responsible for causing accidents. If a motorcycle rider is injured by a negligent driver, he or she may wish to speak to an attorney about possible compensation.


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