For most people, the idea of a truck accident is terrifying. These accidents can cause catastrophic injuries due to the size and speed of large trucks. The occupants of smaller vehicles are usually the ones who are the most injured in a truck crash. Sadly, many people in Tennessee and across the country are injured or killed in truck crashes every year. According to the most recent data by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 19 people in Tennessee lost their lives in large truck accidents in 2013.

Anything can cause a crash, but there are a number of factors that are most common in commercial truck accidents, states the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These include:

  • Driving while fatigued – Truck drivers typically work long hours every day to get to their destinations on time. This results in many truckers driving when they should instead be getting their sleep.
  • Impaired driving – Like many other drivers, some truck drivers are also known to drive while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or prescription medication. Driving while intoxicated causes thousands of injuries and deaths across the country each year.
  • Speeding or driving aggressively – Reckless driving is a dangerous habit that even some truckers engage in.
  • Distracted driving – Like other drivers, truck drivers can be distracted by cell phones, food, the radio and other things that take their attention from the road.
  • Vehicle, weather or road conditions – Adverse conditions caused by bad weather or poorly maintained roads can contribute to crashes. Trucks may also be faulty or in need of repair, and can fail on the road.

People who have been injured in a truck accident that was not their fault may be entitled to the compensation of their medical expenses and other losses resulting from the crash.


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