Car insurance is required for people who drive in Tennessee as well as most states. There can be serious consequences for those who don't have any insurance, yet still get behind the wheel. This is to protect the victims in a car accident, as well as the person who is at fault. Insurance policies exist to cover the medical bills of accident victims. They may also prevent the at-fault party from being sued and having to pay for these expenses out of his or her pocket.

What can happen to a person who is caught driving without car insurance? In Tennessee, states the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security's page on drivers' financial responsibilities, driving without auto insurance is a Class C misdemeanor. An uninsured motorist can face numerous penalties, including a $100 fine and driver's license suspension.

Not having car insurance can cause additional difficulties even if a person wasn't in a crash or doesn't drive at all. According to Esurance, people without car insurance are considered high-risk if they go for any length of time without coverage. This is true even if the person lacked insurance for valid reasons such as not having a car, using public transportation or being out of the country. Purchasing car insurance after a period of being uninsured can result in higher rates for at least six months.

Uninsured motorists may lack additional protections. If the other driver was at fault in a crash, the uninsured person would not be able to sue the at-fault party or seek reimbursement. An uninsured motorist would also be financially responsible for the damages if he or she was at fault.

Driving without insurance may give a person the false sense that he or she is saving money. However, the consequences are far more costly for uninsured drivers after being pulled over or getting into an accident.


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