If you ride a motorcycle, you are probably already aware of the many dangers you face when you share the road with other vehicles. Drivers on Tennessee highways may fail to notice you nearby or may drive unsafely and create a danger for others as well as yourself. As a result, you may suffer serious injury in a motorcycle crash.

Head injuries, broken bones and internal injuries are some of the most common types of injuries you can get in a motorcycle accident. The risk of road friction burns, or road rash, may seem to pale in comparison. However, medical professionals can attest to the severity of this type of injury, as can those who have been through it.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, road rash injuries occur most often in motor vehicle accidents, particular motorcycle crashes. They are generally treated the same way as burns. When a fallen biker skids along the pavement, the road can cause heat burns from the friction as well as scrape the skin off. They can be much more painful than lacerations because of the larger area of injury and the amount of nerve endings exposed.

If you do not seek treatment with a severe road rash injury, you may end up with infections and tattoo-like scars from pebbles and road particles embedded in your skin. Wearing protective gear, such as leather bike clothing, may prevent you from getting the worst kind of road rash, but it cannot ensure complete protection. The injuries resulting from motorcycle crashes can be severe and often result in extensive medical treatment. A negligent driver may be held liable for your expenses.


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