Accidents can cost a lot of money, regardless of whether a person is at fault or not. One thing that costs of the accident can depend on is what type of insurance the drivers involved in the accident have. Driving without insurance may be illegal, but there are still a number of drivers who either have no insurance at all or are severely underinsured. Getting into an accident with these drivers can bring about a whole slew of problems.

For example, if an uninsured driver gets into an accident, that means that they have no coverage at all. The Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner states that this means all damages will have to come directly out of that driver’s pocket. Unfortunately, the cost of accidents are so expensive that it is usually impossible for someone to pay for damages from their own funds alone. This usually ends with the drivers all struggling to pay for their own individual expenses due to the fact that the uninsured driver simply cannot pay for the damages done to the car.

Additional costs can also help bring the total up, such as court fees or potential medical fees due to health problems or injuries. Often times, uninsured drivers are not taken to court due to the fact that the monetary loss is generally viewed as being greater than the possible gain. On the positive side, claims can be filed after an accident if the motorist does have insurance. This includes motorists who are underinsured, though similar problems may arise, such as a lack of sufficient funds.

There are certain types of insurance that are designed to protect people if they ever get into an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver. For those who have already gotten into an accident and do not have this option, looking into different court options may be the best option.


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