A new study exposes the serious nature of bullying across many states in the south, including in Tennessee.

Most people in Tennessee know that kids can be mean to each other. While this might be common, parents and teachers should be careful to not always consider it acceptable. They should also be very watchful so as to spot when a little teasing or picking might be turning into full-fledged bullying.

Bullying puts kids at risk for serious problems

According to backgroundchecks.org, more than one in every five students experiences some form of bullying in a typical school year. Kids who are subject to this are more likely to struggle with depression and may have troubles sleeping. They are also more likely to think about harming or killing themselves.

The Times Free Press indicates that a study conducted by backgroundchecks.org took a look at bullying around the country. Sadly, Tennessee and its neighboring states in the south did not fare well in this study.

Six southern states in top 10 most bullied states

The study evaluated occurrences of bullying, the impact of bullying, and violence on school campuses. Each of these things was scored and those scores were used to tally overall total bullying scores for each state. When looking at the top 10 list of most bullied states, six southern states are included as follows:

  • Louisiana took the number one position with a score of 40.95.
  • Arkansas was in third place with a score of 40.4.
  • In fourth place was West Virginia with 39.25.
  • Mississippi was in seventh place and had a score of 36.125.
  • In eighth place with a score of 35.925 was Tennessee.
  • Kentucky took the number nine spot with 35.6.

Not far behind in were Alabama, Texas and South Carolina in the thirteenth, fourteenth and eighteenth positions, respectively.

Physical fights and weapon threats a problem in Tennessee

In looking at individual types of bullying, two appeared to be the biggest problems in Tennessee. The state was ranked number four for the number of students injured in physical fights. It ranked number three for the most number of students threatened with some type of weapon on school campuses.

Knox County addresses bullying

At least one county in Tennessee is taking action to counteract bullying today. Local 8 Now reports that in October of 2016, an effort was kicked off in Knox County to increase awareness about bullying and work to reduce the instances of bullying in its schools.

Students deserve to feel safe and supported

When a student does not feel safe to go to school or attend school activities and events, help is needed. Parents should reach out to an attorney for help if their sons or daughters are being harmed or harassed at school.


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